Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Blog Update 10-21-15

Surprise! I'm not dead! Yay!

Sorry for the months of silence. Work and life have had me distracted from writing, and this summer has been an exceptionally busy one for me. With the off-season coming up, I might get back on the blogging train since it'd be easier to get creative juices flowing without being inundated with hundreds of tourists sapping my soul. Posts could get more regular again too, but I can't guarantee a post every week since, I'll be honest, I'm easily distracted as well as busy in my personal life.

But, since I've been gone, I've run a couple races and done okay-ish. Last weekend I ran a 10K and got first! For men in my age group! Out of two people! With a 26 second lead! If I ever ran for time I'd be pretty stoked, but I'm just glad I got to run a 10K in a wizard hat (it was a Halloween-themed run, so hopefully someone got a picture of me running in that hat because it was fucking awesome). I also went camping with my girlfriend without getting rained out, went to a friend's wedding up north, and ate a lot of Taco Bell, so it's been pretty great.

Next week I plan to write about some of the ghost stories from the hotel instead of an apology for lacking content, so look forward to that.

So, uh... see you next week?

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